Soils Alive is rebuilding soil

Soil provide nutrients to plants, but when those nutrients aren’t available, plants suffer resulting in lower yields, pests and unhealthy plants. When soil microorganisms have optimal conditions, they can provide the nutrient necessary to plants, allowing them to thrive.

I envision a world where my children will have the soil resources to grow as much food as they want without fear of chemicals, lack of water or insufficient soil nutrients. My generation, and previous generations, have damaged the soil – I want to heal it.

After many years of trying to understand soil and it’s intricacies, it is finally coming together For over a decade, the more I learned about soil, the more questions I had. Gaia College’s eye-opening Organic Master Gardener course was a turning point, introducing me to a biological side of soil and the Soil Food Web. Now that I’ve completed the Soil Food Web Foundation Courses and Certified Lab Practitioner program, I’m able to make sense of what goes on underground and how we can grow food with fewer chemicals and higher yields while maintaining water resources. Let’s build soil!


Certified Lab Practitioner – Soil Food Web
Masters in Environment and Management – Royal Roads University
Accredited Practitioner – SOUL
Certified Chemist – ACPO

Presentations and publications

Thesis, MSc Environment and Management (MEM) – Metal bioaccessibility of soils in urban parks in Fredericton and Saint John, New Brunswick

Soil Testing Presentation slides | Recording of presentation