Healthy soil for healthy plants

Building healthy soil to grow healthy plants for happy people.

Soils Alive Composting offers custom soil testing and services in garden planning. Contact today to book a free consultation!

What We Do

A microscopic biological assessment can determine the good, and bad, microorganisms present in your soil; a strong indicator of soil health.

Turn your kitchen waste into beneficial food for your soil. From small scale to farm scale we can help you set up a compost system to work for you and your crops.

Let us help get your vegetable garden established. Soil testing, sunscaping, planning and planting. All you have to do is enjoy it.


Japanese Beetle soil study

Japanese Beetles may have taken over your garden this year, fortunately, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that can be done. As my 3 year old would say “what the heck?” She’s right – what the heck are they doing all over all the raspberries? Not to mention roses, asters, and other native flowers…

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