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  • Aerating and dethatching a lawn

    Aerating and dethatching a lawn

    And how to have the best lawn on the block without them Spring is here, the snow has long melted, lawns are looking greener and people are thinking of how to achieve the perfect lawn. You, or someone you know, may be aerating, or dethatching a lawn to improve its look. I had one friendContinue… Read more

  • A few things I’m excited to grow this year

    There are so many things I’m excited to grow this year it’s hard to pick only a few favourites! Broccoli Broccoli is a new one for me. But since it’s my kids’ favourite vegetable, I think I should figure out how to get high yields sooner rather than later. We typically enjoy steamed or roastedContinue… Read more

  • When can I take a soil sample?

    When is the best time to take a soil sample? It’s better to be too late than too early. Read more

  • Indoor composting

    Let’s talk about year-round composting. In Ottawa.  We are a family of 5 and have put our green bin at the curb about 5 times since early November when it got too dark and cold for me to take compost to the outdoor bin in the evenings. That’s not because we don’t generate green waste.Continue… Read more

  • Maintain proper moisture levels

    Maintaining proper moisture levels is important to maintaining aerobic conditions. Read more

  • Feed the Microorganisms

    Feeding the microorganisms during the growing season is a great way to ensure plants have sufficient food for high yields. Read more