Vegetable Garden Analysis and Planning


Not sure where to start with your vegetable garden? Let us help with a soil and sun analysis and designing your plan.

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Avoid the urge to replant with a proper plan.

Don’t just plant some seeds, let us take the time to help you understand your garden. Soil tests and sunscaping can help you get the most out of your garden.

The vegetable garden analysis and planning includes:

  • Soil sedimentation test to understand the soil stucture you’re working with
  • Water infiltration test to better understand how much water your garden needs
  • Soil biology microscopic assessment to know how many good and harmful microorganisms are present
  • Sunscaping (sun / shade drawing) to optimize full and partial sun in your yard
  • A hand-drawn design of where to plant each crop
  • Recommendations on watering
  • Recommendations on soil amendments


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