Fall To Do for Improving Soil Health

Fall is here! Every season comes with its own list of outdoor chores and fall is no exception. But it’s not just harvesting and eating or preserving what’s left in the garden, there’s much more than that. 

Here are a few things I’m doing this fall to get ready for next spring:

  • So far, all plants (tomates, corn, squash, etc.) have been cut down and left in place as microbe food
  • Plant cover crops, on some beds and spread compost on other beds
  • Biological assessments of various beds to have a better understanding of what each area needs for next planting season
  • Mulch where there aren’t any cover crops planted, specifically where the fungal biomass is lower than required
  • Ensure the outdoor compost bin is full, full, full. The bigger the pile, the longer it will stay warm and active, breaking down as much as possible before it gets too cold

I’ve already seeded some cold hardy crops, like chard and kale and garlic will be going in soon. 

Other tasks that need to be done, like emptying worm bins, and preparing pots and planting them for indoor growing can wait a couple more weeks. It looks like I’m going to be busy for a little while yet. 

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